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Lady Gaga gives voice to Valentino’s new perfume for BETC

0 SharesShareTweetShareGlobal perfume launch ads can be a bit bland, but Lady Gaga injects some joy into this campaign for new Valentino fragrance Viva Voce,

As Plant-Based Burger Brands Battle, One Faux-Egg Maker Is Dominating a New Niche

Move over, fake meat and oat milk--egg substitutes are looking to grab some of the plant-based food spotlight. Though it's niche, making up a tiny

Kansas City Chiefs, Tom Brady Top NFL Twitter in Week 1

Week two of the 2020 National Football League season kicks off Thursday night with the Cincinnati Bengals visiting the Cleveland Browns, and Twitter shared some

RH’s Gary Friedman Outlines the Retailer’s Bold Plans for Physical Stores

For Gary Friedman, the CEO of home furnishings retailer RH (formerly Restoration Hardware), physical stores remain vital to the brand's ambitions. "We like to say,

3 Mindsets Marketers Should Adopt to Prepare for the Future

Key Insights: Effective marketing starts with understanding what consumers are going through. Brands should strive to make people's lives better. Take action on social issues.

Seasonality Isn’t a Thing Anymore Thanks to the Pandemic

With school carpools and holiday parties largely jettisoned, once reliable trends in content consumption--especially audio--are now in flux. SiriusXM and subsidiary Pandora typically see listening

4A’s Will Soon Debut Yearlong Leadership Program for Black Professionals

The 4A's is debuting a program called Vanguard in November that's focused on helping Black people in mid- to senior-level roles prepare for and achieve

Bacardi-Owned Spirit Brand Sponsors ‘Unbreakable’ Shutters for Hurricane-Prone Homes

With the southeastern United States in the midst of a brutal hurricane season, Stillhouse whiskey is looking to help residents of storm-prone areas prepare with

Twitter Adds New Security Measures for High-Profile Election-Related Accounts

Twitter continues to take steps to fortify its platform with November's U.S. presidential election in mind, and its latest security addition is aimed at high-profile,

The New Quest 2 Headset Highlights the Facebook Connect AR/VR Conference

Facebook held its Facebook Connect (formerly Oculus Connect) annual augmented reality and virtual reality conference this week--virtually, of course--and it was highlighted by the debut