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Kristen Bell Stars in Delightfully Funny and Relatable Ad For Her Own CBD Skincare Brand

Modern parenting involves watching kids TV shows on repeat, stepping on Lego bricks, and trying not to lose your shit while juggling the stresses of

Uncommon and FITXR launch ‘workouts for everyone’ – as long as you can take the pace

0 SharesShareTweetShareBrace yourself for this one: the launch of a new, virtual reality, gamified workout system called FITXR is heralded with a loud, brash ad

Ryan Reynolds Doesn’t Understand 5G, But Mint Mobile Is Giving It Away for Free Either Way

The buzz about 5G--what it is, what it means and how to get it, has been the talk of the town in tech for months

CBS News Chief Susan Zirinsky: ‘Our Job Is to Reveal America to Itself’

The coronavirus pandemic has placed every news organization in a difficult spot. But CBS News had an extraordinary disadvantage relative to its competitors: It was

How DTC Brand Cuts Clothing Became the Breakout Hit for Players in the NBA ‘Bubble’

For Cuts Clothing--a maker of T-shirts, polos and sweatshirts--the bubble created by the National Basketball Association in Orlando for the league's playoffs proved to be

Even Without Live Sports, State Farm Stuck With TV During the Pandemic

The rescheduling of professional sports in the spring due to Covid-19 brought fans a cornucopia of content in the last several weeks: the NHL's Stanley

Ikea Canada Wants to Buy Your Furniture on Black Friday

Ikea wants to show its customers that old furniture deserves more than one life. Its latest campaign features the adventures of a single white bookshelf,

Why The Martin Agency Decided to Gamify Its Account Wins to Attract Talent

Last week, The Martin Agency took to Twitter to announce some job openings. While promoting new roles in social media is not an uncommon practice,

Mailchimp’s Latest Offering Caters to Small Agencies and Freelancers

Mailchimp is formalizing its network of freelancers and agencies that use the platform on behalf of clients through a program that offers perks, educational resources

Apple’s iPhone 12 Marks a Mainstream Breakthrough for 5G Technology

Apple announced on Tuesday that the iPhone 12 will include 5G connectivity for the first time, marking an important turning point for the nascent next