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Electric car ads from Honda & Lexus have a one-track mind

0 SharesShareTweetShareThere’s very little to choose between these two ads for electric cars from Honda and Lexus. Both are composed of cloud shots, nature scenes,

Stan Richards Departs the Agency He Founded After Fallout Over Calling a Campaign ‘Too Black’

Stan Richards, who founded The Richards Group 44 years ago in Dallas, is leaving the agency amid a cloud of controversy and multiple key client

RuPaul’s Drag Race Queens Create Pageant-Worthy Fashion Inspired by Barefoot Wine

To fan-favorite drag queen Eureka O'Hara, gay activism looks like a towering headpiece and a curve-hugging bodysuit. The alum of RuPaul's Drag Race modeled their

This Startup Aims to Help SMBs Survive Covid Via Voice Apps

As surveys show that more Americans than ever are spending time with smart speakers and other voice-enabled devices amid the Covid-19 quarantine, some small businesses

Americans to Social Networking Platforms: You’re Not Helping

There's no denying that 2020 has been a difficult year and, according to Americans surveyed by Pew Research Center recently, social media isn't helping. Pew

Why the Story of Prime Day 2020 Is What Didn’t Happen

Key Insights [Other retailers effectively capitalized on the sales event for themselves. Retailers are ready for holiday shopping, but consumers have a lot of distractions.

Keurig Dr Pepper and Texas Grocer H-E-B Are Latest to Cut Ties With The Richards Group

Keurig Dr Pepper and H-E-B, a grocery store chain in Texas, have ended their relationships with The Richards Group. Their decisions come days after Motel

Unfinished Business: Race and Equity in America to Take Over Twitch This Weekend

Twitch is about to be taken over this weekend, but it's for a good cause. ATTN:, former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Rev. Al Sharpton,

Jack in the Box Debuts Its First Faux Meat Sandwich, the ‘Unchicken’

San Diego-based restaurant chain Jack in the Box has bypassed fake burgers, one of the hottest trends in fast food in the past few years,

Domestic Travel Will Dominate in 2021, Says Airbnb

Entire homes have replaced apartments as the top pick of guests on Airbnb, according to a new report the short-term rental platform released today. While