Day: October 19, 2020

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Axe Has Matured Into a Brand That Wants to Empower Its Mostly Male Teen Users

In 2006, a one-minute spot hit American TV sets (YouTube was barely a thing yet) and promptly made history--at least in the world of deodorant.

Publishers and Media Buyers Seek Greater Transparency in Brand Safety Measures

Advertisers are always conscious of brand safety. But a pandemic and civil rights movement have brought a new sense of urgency to the issues of

Being Blind Was Never Going to Keep Josh Loebner From a Career in Advertising

Josh Loebner has spent more than two decades in advertising and marketing as an account strategist. But he wishes he could've gotten started sooner. Born

Apple TV+ Nabs Rights for Classic Charlie Brown Holiday Specials and New Series

Good grief--classic Peanuts specials are leaving broadcast television and moving to Apple TV+ just in time for the holidays. A deal between Apple TV+ and

The Pandemic Has Proven That Luxury Isn’t About Products—It’s About Connection

Shoppers who once scrolled Instagram for the next "it" handbag are now spending time scouring Amazon for hand sanitizer. In a year when the focus

Tracee Ellis Ross Talks to Her Snack Cabinet in New Lay’s Campaign

Lay's wants to show its consumers that every bag--from classic yellow potato chips to the up-and-coming Poppables--brings its own unique joy. In the brand's latest

Budweiser, Nelly Celebrate St. Louis And ‘Country Grammar’

Nelly's hit record, "Country Grammar," turned 20 years old this summer--meaning that it's been a full two decades since the release of classic tunes like

How an Agency Cut Through ‘Purpose Clutter’ With Its Bookstore Campaign Trolling Amazon

In this David-versus-Goliath battle, mom-and-pop bookstores wrapped themselves in Amazon's familiar brown cardboard as a protest against the retail giant and a plea to shop

Sharing Success Insights at Adweek’s Fastest Growing Summit

On Thursday, Adweek virtually honored agencies and service providers, of all sizes and types, from all over the world whose impact and presence in the

TikTok Gets a Reprieve in Pakistan

TikTok has been reinstated in Pakistan, for now. Earlier this month, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority ordered Internet-service providers to block the video creation application due