Day: October 20, 2020

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Facebook Files 2 Separate Lawsuits Vs. Providers of Fake Engagement for Instagram

Facebook Tuesday filed two separate lawsuits in federal court against four individuals for fake engagement, or providing services that are intended to artificially boost likes

Foodbank of Indonesia: #dibuangsayang campaign

Millions of people are dying in hunger when millions of tons of food are being thrown away, wasted, discarded; With this campaign, people can help

Klarna Tempts Gamers With Free Tech Gear as Part of Its Latest Campaign

Alternative payments provider Klarna is capitalizing on the increasing interest in gaming during the pandemic with its latest campaign, "Playing for Keeps," which was unveiled

Instagram Debuts Anti-Bullying Resource Guide, Positivity AR Filter

Instagram continued its National Bullying Prevention Month efforts with the introduction of a guide to anti-bullying resources and the rollout of an augmented reality filter

Netflix’s Pandemic Subscriber Surge Slows, Missing Forecast, After Record First Half

In its previous 2020 earnings calls, Netflix warned investors that two back-to-back quarters of surging global subscriber growth would slow considerably by the second half

Social Media Summer Ad Spend Shifted To Snap

For the third quarter of 2020, Snap posted impressive gains in its user base and revenue, beating internal expectations after six months of quarantine in

With A Wink, Agency Claims ‘Credit’ Pence Viral Fly Moment

What if the fly that captivated the internet by landing on Mike Pence's head during the vice presidential debate last week was revealed to be

How The Richards Group Can Keep the Business Going Amid Its Moment of Crisis

In early 2016, Campbell Ewald became embroiled in controversy after a white staffer at the agency's San Antonio office sent an email in October 2015

Pinterest Adds Salaam Coleman Smith to Board of Directors

Pinterest continued to follow through on CEO Ben Silbermann's pledge to diversity its board of directors with Tuesday's addition of Salaam Coleman Smith. Smith currently