Lifebuoy: Lifebuoy Stamp of Hygiene

According to the Indian National Sample Survey 2020, India has 2.6 billion hands but over 60% of Indians wash their hands only with water. This is a deeply ingrained behavior that spreads fatal diseases such as – COVID-19, Cholera, Diarrhoea, Pneumonia, causing thousands of lives every year.

Understanding the severity of the issue, Geometry Encompass, an End-to-End Creative Commerce Agency of WPP had conceptualized the ‘Lifebuoy Stamp of Hygiene’, that made the consumers participate in ‘Hack Washing’- a wearable ink made of Lifebuoy formula which turns into antibacterial soap on coming in contact with water. So simply, by stamping people’s hands, consumers were encouraged to use a germ-killing soap every time they rinsed their hands with just water.
This is almost like the world’s first instant re-education campaign, teaching over 150 million people to use soap with no discounted samples. The campaign turned an unsanitary habit into life-saving action by taking advantage of what people have naturally done for the millennium.
A simple social hacking solution that not only insinuated the world’s largest human gatherings from infections but also threw light on the importance of handwashing.

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