Mindshare’s Nick Emery: when’s a prank a hanging offence?

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According to Mail Online Mindshare global boss Nick Emery was fired after entering the loo for a wee and baring his bottom, visible during a Zoom call.

Pretty silly but enough to bring an abrupt end to a 20-year career at WPP’s Mindshare? There’ve probably been times on Zoom when most of us would welcome a diversion, however gross.

Emery (left) is just the latest in a whole string of adland bosses and high flyers to be fired – Richards Group’s 87-year old founder Stan Richards fired himself – most of the examples of “inappropriate behaviour” involving a member of the opposite sex, mostly in creative agencies.

Two thoughts occur. One, in cases like Emery’s, aren’t the people who feel so concerned they make formal complaints to their bosses, over-reacting somewhat? Once upon a time if you thought the boss was a prat you went off to work somewhere else.

Two: what happened to the process of written warnings for assorted misdemeanours?

Now the complainants are, in effect, judge and jury with the all the potential for mischief that implies.

Are managements terrified of lawyers getting involved? Or just terrified.

If the kind of things people are being fired for now had been the case at most times over the past few decades there probably would never have been an ad business. Some may wish this had been the case, of course.

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