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Mother expands into entertainment with the launch of Mother Pictures, headed up by Mark Waites

0 SharesShareTweetShareOnly a week after the launch of its new creative offering, Other, Mother London is introducing another venture, Mother Pictures, a vehicle for creating

The NFL Had a Problem. Tide Helped Solve It

When the National Football League announced in July that opposing teams could no longer exchange jerseys following a game due to Covid-19, players were upset.

Humanaut: Humanaut Brand Roast

Humanaut is known for creating humorous campaigns for clients that lampoon the serious tone of classic ad tropes such as public-service announcements. Its latest spot

Friends of Cancer Patients: The emoji that wants to save your life

No matter who you are or where you’re from, when you hear the diagnosis “Breast cancer” your world comes to a standstill. But in the

Save the Children: Danger is not only outside

During the quarantine, complaints about domestic violence have increased by 118% and children are one of the most affected populations. stc_nina_pandemia_print.jpg   stc_nino_pandemia_print.jpg   Source

Movistar: Unforgettable Lights

Chile's Movistar Arena turned its lights back on for a good cause. Every year during October, Movistar strengthens its efforts to raise awareness about Breast

Turbo: Graffiti Book

Turkey's first widely recognized graffiti artist Tunc Dindas, also known as Turbo, has turned his artistic journey of 35 years into a book project. In

Sojourner Family Peace Center: Until She Can

99_sojourner_01.jpg   99_sojourner_02.jpg   99_sojourner_03.jpg   99_sojourner_04.jpg   99_sojourner_05.jpg   Source link