Day: October 26, 2020

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Candy Brands Are Trying to Solve the Halloween Pandemic Puzzle

This Halloween had a lot going for it in terms of being an optimal day for spooky celebrations. The holiday lands on a Saturday with

These Are Adweek’s Podcasts of the Year for 2020

With commuter audiences suddenly not commuting amid the Covid-19 quarantines, many podcasters likely feared the year would be a damaging one for the audio industry.

Social Media Platforms Are Providing More Resources to Register Users to Vote

Key Insights Platforms struggle with misinformation around voting, but promoting accurate resources can counter that. Reddit ran its first marketing campaign tied into something so

How Agencies Are Adapting as Data Becomes More Important for Brands

Terms like campaign planning, optimization and reconciliation weren't in vogue back in the Mad Men days of advertising. But today, skills in these areas are

How One Creative Is Changing the Entrepreneurial and Design Landscape in Texas

If you live in Austin, Texas, chances are you've caught wind of 28-year-old Jane Claire Hervey's work, whether or not you've heard her name. Through

How Reese’s Pieces Landed Its Big Break With Help From the Alien Who Wanted to Go Home

In honor of Halloween, it's time to tell the strange story of how one of America's favorite candies got its big break. In 1981, Steven

Audi Fuels Ad Placements With Nostalgia to Promote Its Used Car Program

Anyone who has ever wandered through Paris' Latin Quarter may have noticed some of the small, independent movie theaters sprinkled through the cobbled streets that

One of the Top Discrimination Lawyers in America Is Working With 600 & Rising

If the name Cyrus Mehri rings a bell, it's for good reason. The founding partner of Mehri & Skalet PLLC has litigated some of the

Understanding the Difference Between a Vendor and a Solutions Provider

With outsourcing becoming a necessity, it is more important than ever to understand the role of a vendor versus the role of a solutions provider.

Snapchat Brings Back the Dancing Hot Dog to Support Its Election Efforts

Snapchat's Dancing Hot Dog dances yet again. The iconic Snapchat lens resurfaced this past weekend for Vote Early Day, aimed at ensuring that eligible voters