Day: October 28, 2020

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The Swedish Armed Forces: Right Now

In the latest brand campaign for the Swedish Armed Forces, we get a glimpse of everything the Swedish Armed Forces does to defend Sweden and

Bolivar: Blacker Blacks

Bolivar Colors and Black is a detergent that bring back and intensifies the color of dark clothes and we wanted to show it in a

T-Mobile’s New TV Streaming Service Aims to Disrupt the ‘Cableopoly’

Key Insights TVision will launch without any advertising partners, though commercials may be added later. T-Mobile is pushing into TV and streaming with a new

The Breakfast: Сhances

In the modern world, we have dating apps to meet a potential business partner or love affair, or even a one-night stand adventure. But in

Fridays For Future Ecuador / It's Now / Universidad Casa Grande: Honest Flag

We eliminated the blue from the national flag, creating the first “Honest Flag” with the reality of the environment. Inviting to mobilize as a country

Ubisoft / Watch Dogs: Watch Dogs Legion: Co-Op

With the launch of Watch Dogs: Legion from Ubisoft finally here, comedic actors Jon Glaser (Girls, Parks and Recreation) and Beth Dover (Orange Is The

Colgate: #SmileStrongBersama

The pandemic has already brought about significant damage to the nation and many people have had their livelihoods destroyed. While Malaysia did fare well in

Adobe Forecasts Online Holiday Spend Will See 2 Years of Growth in Single Season

Key Insights: Ecommerce has been at "Black Friday levels since April," according to Adobe. While early projections indicated Black Friday and Cyber Monday could be

McDonald's: Home Office Week

The Home Office Week has been created to celebrate all the workers who have adapted to the new normality, reinventing the ways of working. This

Pilsener: No labels, only a heart

2020 hit us hard with a global pandemic and El Salvador was no exception. Restaurants and bars are one of the most economically affected, with