7UP: Friend at Quarantine

7UP Content Ad - Friend at Quarantine
7UP Content Ad - Friend at Quarantine

Do you remember Tom Hank’s “Cast Away”? the movie about the FedEx employee who had to survive four years on an uninhabited island?

Well, something similar happened to people after being locked up at home for so long: they started feeling lonely, bored…just like a castaway, only this time stranded at home instead of an island. And although it seems everything is going back to normal and people are starting to go out again, it’s better to stay home a little longer just to make sure we’re safe, or at least less exposed.

But let’s get to the point, just as the character in the movie managed to survive isolation and even found a friend to make his stay on that desert island bearable, people will also be able to find a friend to spend time during this preventive confinement and keep them from losing their minds, and we’re not talking about “Wilson” but Fido. Yes, the legendary 7up character is back to “refresh” the lockdown boredom of all those castaways who are bored and alone at home. So, everyone who wants to have a friend like Fido Dido can find him now at @7upcolombia.

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