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How a Biden or Trump Win Could Reshape Marketing, Media and Ad Tech

The uncertainty about the final outcome of the race for the White House is a temporary situation. But the condition that resulted in delayed and

TikTok Removes Videos From 2 Accounts for Election Misinformation

TikTok removed videos from two high-profile pro-Republican accounts for violating its policies on misleading information. Taylor Lorenz of The New York Times tweeted about the

How 2020 Paved the Way for Online Christmas Trees

More than two months before Christmas Day, Lowe's announced it will offer free delivery of live Christmas trees for customers who order online--and spend at

Election Night Coverage Draws 50.1 Million Viewers Across 9 Networks

The 2020 presidential race between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden has yet to be decided--but the Nielsen numbers are in. According

Gap’s Election-Themed Hoodie Fails to Soothe Anxious Americans

Following an inconclusive night of election results, Americans woke this morning to prolonged uncertainty as officials continue to count ballots in several U.S. states where

Meditation App Calm Was the Most 2020 Brand Partner for CNN’s Election Coverage

During Tuesday night's CNN coverage of the contentious presidential election, which is still ongoing, viewers might have noticed a tiny brand sponsorship that loomed large

Heineken Expands Relationships With Publicis Groupe and Dentsu

Heineken has made changes to both the creative and media sides of its global agency relationships, expanding its partnerships with Publicis Groupe and Dentsu. Publicis

A Closer Analysis of the Presidential Email Marketing Campaigns

Integrated campaigns such as these are one of the most exciting areas of marketing to dig into. There are even some great marketing psychology lessons,

LinkedIn: How to Stop Receiving InMail

Premium LinkedIn members have the ability to send other users InMail (direct messages) on the professional social network, even if they're not connected to them.

Twitter, Facebook Scramble to Keep Up With False Claims as Votes Continue to Be Counted

Election Day has come and gone, but the results of the battle for the presidency of the U.S. are still up in the air, keeping