Cerveza Victoria: Icnocuícatl

Cerveza Victoria Integrated Ad - Icnocuícatl
Cerveza Victoria Integrated Ad - Icnocuícatl

Cerveza Victoria & Ogilvy Mexico launches an innovative and emotional (Day of the Dead) campaign “Icnocuícatl.” The work reflects the unusual reality that has taken place in society in 2020: many people have not had the chance to say goodbye to those who were dying.

Based on hard research, the campaign brings to light an insight that refers to the inability of people to say goodbye to those who, regardless of the cause, have lost their lives. The campaign is a tribute to all of them and a way to always remember them.

The Icnocuícatl – a poetic genre (Nahúatl) that the Mexicans used to say goodbye to their dead – is one of the central concepts of the agency’s work for Victoria, a brand dedicated to celebrate and praise Mexican traditions. These poems, which were narrated in the form of farewell, were transmitted orally from generation to generation by means of songs and rituals. Currently, they are still alive in the communities that still speak this language.

The piece has several versions narrated in Spanish and Nahúatl, which will be released throughout the month of October. In turn, the campaign is mainly divided into three pieces of 60 seconds, including a longer version of two minutes. The graphic part was created in collaboration with the renowned Mexican artist Ricardo Luévanos.

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