Day: November 11, 2020

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Nearly 60% of Execs Expect Marketing Tech Budget Cuts in Coming Months

Nearly 60% of executives say they expect moderate or severe cuts to marketing tech budgets in the coming months as pandemic-related belt-tightening prompts leaders to

How The Telegraph Is Building a Future Free From Third-Party Cookies

The end is nigh for the third-party cookie, and some companies aren't waiting until it's gone to prepare for the future. The Telegraph, which has

What’s Next for the Antitrust Case Against Google?

As the dust settles on last week's elections with President-elect Joe Biden set to occupy the White House and Republicans to likely maintain control of

TBWAChiatDay New York Celebrates the Tuskegee Airmen on Veterans Day With Social Media Campaign

For Veterans Day today, TBWAChiatDay New York partnered with Lucasfilm to create a social campaign highlighting the contributions of the Tuskegee Airmen--the US Military's first

Instagram Begins the Process of Bringing its Suicide, Self-Harm Detection Tech to the EU

Instagram will extend initiatives it has used outside of the European Union to proactively detect content related to suicide or self-harm to the EU, head

Alibaba Wraps Its First 11-Day Singles Day With $75B

In the past 11 years, Singles Day has become what Joe Tsai, executive vice chairman of Alibaba Group, called the most important shopping day in

Debi Chirichella Named President of Hearst Magazines

Debi Chirichella was named president of Hearst Magazines today, after serving in the role in an interim capacity for a little over three months. Before

LinkedIn Foils Attempt to Create 33M+ Fake Accounts

LinkedIn said this week that it thwarted a large-scale effort to create over 33 million fake accounts on its platform. The professional network shared its

Facebook Releases Graph API v9.0, Marketing API v9.0

Facebook released Graph API (application-programming interface) v9.0 and Marketing API v9.0 this week, along with guidelines on what actions developers need to take and other

‘Ham-Handed’: Democratic Ad Buyers Grouse Over Facebook’s Political Ad Ban

Facebook told advertisers Wednesday to expect the platform's post-election political ad blackout to continue for another month to avoid confusion about the election results as