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PubMatic Makes IPO Filing

Amid a wave of speculation that ad-tech companies were poised to try their chances in the public markets, PubMatic confirmed that it has filed an

Away’s CMO Selena Kalvaria Says Travel Has Shifted From Airplane Overhead to Back of the Car

Few industries have been hit as hard by the coronavirus crisis as the travel industry. Hotels, airlines and cruise lines have all seen revenues decline

Industry Titans Sponsor Students for Brandweek Sports Marketing Summit and Exclusive Mentorship Sessions

The Brandweek Sports Marketing Summit is bringing together the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, Nascar and multiple esports leagues to discuss how athletes have handled a

McDonald’s U.K. Created a Christmas Ad That’s Going to Leave Parents Choked Up

For kids heading into their teenage years, the holidays can be a time of emotional conflict. Part of you wants to enjoy it all, but

To Combat 2020’s Unpredictability, Campbell’s Offers ‘Dinner Insurance’ This Thanksgiving

As Americans prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving, CPG manufacturers are not only capitalizing on the heightened interest in their products, but also a holiday season that

How AI Tools at Mailchimp Could Help Market Smaller Businesses

A new pair of marketing tools from Mailchimp aims to make machine learning capabilities more accessible to companies that don't necessarily have the resources for

Ulta Sets Up Shop With—And Within— Target To Rationalize Retail Spaces

As US retailers seek to get more bang for their bucks in terms of limiting the number of physical locations as well as amount of

Dunkin': Cheersin

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How The Ad Industry is Lobbying The Corridors of Power

The prospect of an incoming Biden administration alongside the new-look composition of both Congressional chambers, has leaders in the marketing industry pondering what the next

M4BL: Black Joy Manifesto

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