Nestor: A culinary journey

Nestor Integrated Ad - A culinary journey
Nestor Integrated Ad - A culinary journey
Nestor Integrated Ad - A culinary journey

With the e-commerce food sector gaining strong momentum, it is a very interesting time for the relatively young category where the consumer sets are growing day by day and food fused with tech innovations are blossoming.

Consumer wise, we have seen that people today are more adventurous with food & also are willing to spend more on experience over material goods, so our idea was to disrupt the category with a highly experiential offering that ignites all the senses, making every Nestor experience one that opens the door to discovery and travel through taste.

Today when people order a Nestor meal, they embark on a culinary journey guided by some of the top food experts from around the world. Each week we feature a new culinary destination and bring it to life through taste, film, sound and scent.

The Experience is design so the consumer first discovers the destination through a short documentary released every Sunday evening that highlights a cities’ approach to food… the following 5 days we offer a dish a day inspired by the flavors and rituals of the city all designed by the local culinary guide.

When people receive their Nestor order, they are first asked to scan a qr code that lands them at the music playlist for their culinary journey.

Next they open the ‘lingette parfumees’ ( 70% alcohol hand wipe) which is perfumed with the scent of feature destination, inspired by the culinary guide and created in grasse France.

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