Day: February 7, 2021

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Tony Romo Goes to the ‘Max’ for Skechers’ Return to the Super Bowl

Shoe maker Skechers is no stranger to the Super Bowl, having put ads into the big game for over a decade, including one with Kim

The Formula for an Effective Super Bowl Ad? New Research Finds 2 Key Factors

With a perennial price tag in the millions, Super Bowl ads have long generated huge debate about when--or even if--they're worth the investment. While only

New Numbers Show Audio and Products Drive Publisher Subscription Growth

It was a big week for media companies and their subscription businesses, with the numbers showing that 2020, while annus horribilis for news, was roaring

Profiles in Black Creativity: T. Douglas Toles’ ‘Racism Is Terrorism’ T-Shirt

Throughout Black History Month, we're partnering with agency owner Derek Walker on a series that highlights the ideas, perspectives and successes of Black advertising professionals.

Robinhood Should Stay on the Super Bowl Sidelines This Year

Each Super Bowl we see commercials that wow, ranging from splash to substance. A big part of meeting the moment is to have a very

Cadillac Pitches Hands-Free Driving With the Son of Edward Scissorhands in Super Bowl Ad

Apparently, Scissorhands are hereditary. For Cadillac's return to the Super Bowl, the brand revived the retro tones of the 1990 Tim Burton hit Edward Scissorhands

Bruce Springsteen Calls for Unity in Jeep’s 2-Minute Super Bowl Ad

In the second half of Super Bowl LV, auto brand Jeep will air the longest ad of the game with music icon Bruce Springsteen calling

The Avengers Effect: Why One Celebrity Isn’t Enough for Many Super Bowl Advertisers

If there's one thing most Americans can agree on, it's their love of celebrity. And in a year when tone is proving to be one

Locked Out of In-Game Super Bowl Ads, Alcohol Brands Find Creative Ways to Grab Consumer Attention

While a lot of things will look different about this year's Super Bowl, one thing remains the same--every national in-game ad for an alcoholic beverage