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Streamers Set Eyes on Next Big Task: Winning Over the Fast-Growing Hispanic Market

In 2020, major media companies including Fox Corp. and Comcast rushed to acquire ad-supported streaming services so they could build out their over-the-top footprints and

Financial Services Companies Join Social Platforms in Moderating Content

Following the Jan. 6 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol, former President Donald Trump was impeached by the U.S. House of Representatives. But he was also

Independent Agencies Are Reconfiguring How the Future of the Industry Looks

Last year, shops of all sizes made changes on the fly to weather continuous economic headwinds and changing client demands. Most managed to survive, and

Hughson & Merton debuts with Checkatrade

0 SharesShareTweetShareCheckatrade aims to find you a reputable tradesperson by checking and the like. Now, in its own words, it’s trying to turn “awareness into

Mother China sets off a family brawl for Supercell mobile gaming brand

0 SharesShareTweetShareMother Shanghai’s first work for mobile gaming brand Supercell is in the classic mould of the genre, playing out the story of a boy

Profiles in Black Creativity: André Smith Expands Diverse Voices to MasterClass

Agency owner Derek Walker and Adweek are continuing a series highlighting the creative perspectives and successes of Black industry professionals through the lens of their

Twitter Revue: Email Newsletters? What You Need to Know

Want to turn your Twitter followers into email newsletter subscribers? Have you heard of Revue? In this article, you’ll learn how to use Twitter Revue

M&C Saatchi delivers surprisingly perky ONS Census drive

0 SharesShareTweetShareMarch 21 is National Census Day in the UK – the first for ages – and it’s always handy to know how many of

New-style Walkers brings back old guard for KFC tie-up

0 SharesShareTweetShareBringing out KFC-flavoured Walkers Crisps is, as this in-house Pepsico ad admits, such an obvious idea it’s a surprise they didn’t do it before.

George Parker: that’s the trouble with celebrities in ads – not enough Kate Moss

0 SharesShareTweetShareThe recent brouhaha about the Bruce Springsteen Jeep Super Bowl Spot should be a warning to agencies and clients that before shelling out millions