Day: February 22, 2021

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Small-Town, Family-Owned Utz Potato Chips Has Big Plans for Its 100th Year

When the pandemic first tightened its grip last spring, millions of Americans stampeded to supermarkets and began a wave of panic buying. Then, as winter

Why Walt Disney’s President of Sales Is on The Career Journey of a Lifetime

For some, it's all about the destination. And although Rita Ferro's is directly tied to "the most magical place on earth," it is her journey

Road to Challenger Brands: Artsy Brings Democratization and Data to the Art Market

It's been a little over a year since Everette Taylor joined online art marketplace Artsy as CMO. A few months into Taylor's tenure, the world

QR Codes Are Key to Connecting With Customers in a Pandemic

If you've been to a restaurant over the past several months, you have probably encountered a QR code outside on the door or at the

Why Challenger Brands in Particular Must Be Customer-Centric

Customer-centric marketing is offering customers value in every interaction based on their needs and interests, but this definition can be extended to include anticipating consumer

These Brands Are Nailing Search Visibility During the Ecommerce Boom

Just because ecommerce is booming doesn't mean it's simple for brands to navigate. As the pandemic drags on and the habits of lockdown life become

Nathan Young’s Journey Continues as He Lands at Deloitte Digital

Last summer, in the wake of the police killing of George Floyd, the advertising industry faced one of its most pivotal moments. The nation's anger

Pinterest Donates Ad Credits to Promote Awareness of NEDAwareness Week Events

Pinterest teamed up with the National Eating Disorders Association to help raise awareness of and build communities of support and recovery for individuals and families

When Everyone’s a Celebrity, Cameo Wins

Cameo has been an undisputed winner of the pandemic economy, reaping the benefits of a celebrity class so bloated and unoccupied that recording videos for

Apple Gets Beautifully Surreal in Ads About the Health Benefits of Its Newest Watch

If there's one thing all ad creatives aspire to create, it's a dream sequence. While arguably overused across the history of advertising, dreaming scenarios give