Day: February 26, 2021

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Soccer Manager Jürgen Klopp Shows Off His Angry Side in Snickers’ Foosball Ad

LONDON--The "You're not you when you're hungry" ad campaign by Snickers is widely loved by consumers--thanks in no small part to the glittering array of

Facebook NPE Team Wants Aspiring Rappers to Spit Some Bars

No recording contract, but still feel like spitting some bars? Try Bars, the newest offering from the Facebook NPE Team. The goal of iOS application

Mick Jagger Narrates Powerful, Hopeful Ode to Live Music for The Royal Albert Hall

LONDON--The Royal Albert Hall, in London's upmarket South Kensington, has played host to some of the world's greatest musicians, events and exhibitions since it was

If You’re Desperate for a Vacation, You’ll Find This Ad Painfully Relatable

LONDON--The travel industry has taken one of the biggest knocks throughout the coronavirus pandemic, with vacations having been more or less off the cards for

A Sacred UPS Brand Space Is Rejuvenated for Black History Month

Certain things in the brand world are not supposed to be touched, altered or messed with in any way. One of the holy grails is

Twitter Looks to Help Creators, Publishers Monetize via Upcoming Feature Super Follows

Twitter discussed two upcoming features at its Analyst Day Thursday: Super Follows, a way for creators and publishers to monetize premium content; and Communities, aimed

Clubhouse: How to Change Your Interests

The Clubhouse application allows users to select their interests by choosing topics from a wide variety of categories, such as "Life," "Wellness" and "Entertainment." When

Ikea Created an Augmented Reality ‘Escape Room’ on Snapchat

Ikea is turning decluttering into a game with a new augmented reality "escape room" on Snapchat that tasks users with organizing items with the furniture

How This Campaign Can Help Black Communities Rise Above Covid-19

Since the pandemic started, the grim data continues to show the devastation that Covid-19 has on America's population--but especially among Black communities. Other minority groups

Hyundai Elevates Former BMW Exec to Global CMO and Undergoes a Restructuring

As part of a broad organizational restructuring aimed at improving marketing coordination across its brands, Hyundai Motor Company has named a new global chief marketing