Tochka Bank: Do what only YOU can do

Fix the printer. Close the deal. Order post-its. Hire new people. Hear your employees out. Take a step closer to burn out at your work. Who else if not you?

The new ad spot for Tochka bank addresses owners of growing businesses. They know how to tough it out through the first years of entrepreneurship, but they do not know how to let go anymore. The bank offers modern management tools for entrepreneurs to dedicate more of their time to achieving higher goals of their businesses. Tochka says: Delegate and share responsibility to truly own your business instead of it owning you.

Distinctive camera angles, 16 mm film, close-ups, aggressive hypnotizing music, voiceover density were used to intensify the paranoia effect. Hollywood filmmaker Ilya Naishuller directed the spot. Yuriy Kolokolnikov, famous for his roles in Nolan’s Tenet, HBO’s Game of Thrones, Hughes’ The Hitman’s Bodyguard, starred the ad.

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