Day: May 10, 2021

This Year’s 4/20 Made It Clear: Cannabis Fans Want Delivery and Ecommerce

In prepping for 4/20, the unofficial cannabis high holiday, Chris Vaughn tripled the number of drivers for his Southern California-based delivery service, Emjay. The CEO,

Marketers Embrace AI for Content Creation and Creative Inspiration

When research group OpenAI first introduced what is arguably the most powerful text generator in the world last year, it immediately wowed the AI community

Nielsen Confirms Undercount of Pandemic TV Viewership Following Standoff With Networks

The organization tasked with checking Nielsen's homework is crying foul about the measurement firm's counts of television usage throughout the first year of the Covid-19

The Gucci Belt, With Immortalized Brass Initials, Is an Enduring Fashion Statement

Few who were in Milan for Fashion Week in 2015 will forget the buzz surrounding the Gucci ready-to-wear fall collection. The famous house's creative director

Infographic: Brands Aren’t the Only Ones Changing Habits Following a Year of Disasters

The past year saw its fair share of emergencies, from weather-related disasters to the pandemic that's still ravaging the world. And brands aren't the only

How Jonathan Hyla Inspires and Equips Neurodiverse Creatives via Clubhouse

Jonathan Hyla, more commonly known simply by his last name, wants to empower creative professionals who think a bit differently than many of their colleagues--especially

admin Has a Home For Everybody in Latest Campaign—Even Cacti and Vampires

After largely being confined to homes for the past year, perhaps it's not surprising that so many people are looking for new ones. According to

Magnite Centers Future on CTV Following $60 Million Q1

Supply-side platform Magnite today reported revenues of $60.7 million in the first quarter, with roughly one-third of that coming from connected TV. Top line Magnite

Post-Pandemic, Most Publishers’ Ad Revenues Have Fully Rebounded

Despite a tumultuous year, publishers' digital advertising revenues fared surprisingly well in 2020, according to a new study from Boostr. The survey, which analyzed the

Facebook Begins Testing Prompt When News Articles Are Shared Without Being Opened

Facebook began testing a prompt that will appear when someone is about to share a news article link that they have not opened themselves. The