Day: October 11, 2021

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Facebook Shares September 2021 Coordinated Inauthentic Behavior Report

Facebook shared its coordinated inauthentic behavior report for September 2021, with details on two networks that were removed from its platform. The removals for the

This ‘Public Cervix Announcement’ Gets Real About Aromas

Navigating the personal care aisles at the local grocery store often involves choosing between an onslaught of very pleasantly scented products, especially when it comes

The Story of Lush, the Brand That Put Color in Your Shower and Bombs in Your Bath

Look up the meaning of the word "lush," and you'll find definitions dealing with abundant vegetation, libidinous bed partners and a person who drinks too

Amazon Gets Smart About Shaking Up the Connected TV Landscape

Amazon is already one of the dominant players in the connected TV space, with the Fire TV hitting 50 million monthly active users last year

Commercial Production Finally Readies Itself to Embrace Sustainability

Dramatically changing something as rigidly entrenched as commercial production would have seemed impossible just two years ago. But then Covid-19 lockdowns swept across the globe,

As Publishers Embrace Sports Betting, Advertisers Ante Up

Gambling has enjoyed a handsome makeover in recent years--and marketers have taken notice of it. In the three years since a Supreme Court ruling struck

From Media to Tech and Back Again With Refinery29’s Global Editor in Chief

The New York Times' Instagram account now has nearly 14 million followers, but 10 years ago it was little more than a glint in the

Facebook Reels: How to Reshoot a Clip in a Reel

Facebook Reels allows users to record multiple clips for each Reel that will be played as a single video in the final product. As users

Facebook Cranks Up Its Audio Efforts

The emergence of Clubhouse over the past year or so has lit a fire under Facebook, which continues to ramp up its audio offerings and

Tips for Standing Out in Another Unusual Holiday Shopping Season

Summer has come to an end, the back-to-school season has wrapped, and marketers can finally take a moment to rest. Right? Of course not! The