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Data and AI Bring Moneyball Methods to Level the Sports Marketing Playing Field

About 20 years ago, Oakland A's general manager Billy Beane used data and statistics to help his low-revenue team keep pace with wealthier competitors, making

NFTs Face a Setback as Brands and Publishers Consider Environmental Implications

If you've given even a cursory look into the environmental impact of cryptocurrencies, you can quickly get lost in the wash of near-meaningless analogies. The

Yankee Candle Began as a Christmas Gift of Melted Crayons

THE CONTAINER - Introduced in 1977, the apothecary-style jar has become Yankee Candle's signature packaging. THE SCENT - Yankee Candle has 600 of them, but

As Cannabis Legalization Expands, the Tech Firms Fueling Its Sales Are Exploding in Value

It would be a dramatic understatement to say cannabis commerce platform Dutchie's valuation has been growing by leaps and bounds. As recently as August 2020,

This Holiday Season You Can Get a Cheese Sculpture for The One You Love

Christmas 2021 is coming fast down the line, and finding a unique gift for loved ones can be a challenge. Cheese sculptures might not be

A Childhood Passion Got This Entrepreneur to the Super Bowl

As a hairstylist, Carolyn Aronson knew her clients' frustration with not finding a multipurpose product with simple ingredients. So in 2006, she hung up her

Instagram Begins Rolling Out Add Yours Sticker for Stories

A new sticker for Instagram Stories, Add Yours, enables creators to turn their Stories into public threads where anyone can contribute and participate. Creators can

Adidas Teams Up With NBA Star Trae Young to Show Kids That ‘Impossible Is Nothing’

When you're facing off against seemingly insurmountable odds, finding the inspiration to keep going can be one of the biggest challenges. When a star NBA

Google and New York Times Unite to Change How Skin Tones Are Seen in Digital Storytelling

When it comes to representation in the media and documenting diverse stories, it's clear the need for more representation is not only necessary, but has

Twitter Details Several Initiatives for COP26 on Its Platform

Twitter created an event page for the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26), featuring commentary and resources from environmental experts and key organizations, as