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Unesco launches confuse-a-cookie kit with DDB Paris

0 SharesShareTweetShareUnesco is launching The Cookie Factory as part of a campaign against the aforementioned online menaces, aimed at persuading its 193 member states to

How EA Sports Is Using Gaming to Funnel Fandom in Real Life

Gaming saw significant gains over the past two years as homebound sports fans opted to connect and game virtually. EA Sports leveraged its strong community

Spinning Medals Into Marketing Gold With Katie Ledecky

Seven-time Olympic Gold medalist Katie Ledecky has not only made a splash at the past three Olympic Games but she's also solidified herself as an

How to Develop an Instagram Strategy That Works

Is your Instagram marketing underperforming? Want to reach more of the right people on Instagram? In this article, you’ll discover the critical elements of powerful

MAA blast from the past: The Appliance of Science

0 SharesShareTweetShareIt isn’t just adland that’s transfixed by science these days, the pandemic has brought the men (and women) in white coats to all of

Apple’s ‘Saving Simon’ star tries to hold on to the Christmas spirit all year round

0 SharesShareTweetShareThis three-minute Christmas epic is good enough to keep you watching, and has a couple of rewarding twists at the end. Although just when

Maybe adland needs a miracle or two: MediaCom claims creative breakthrough

0 SharesShareTweetShareAn eerie silence seems to have descended on adland: we’ve had loads of Christmas/holiday ads – some good – but even these, in hindsight,

Rewriting an Opera to Celebrate a Potato

If a brand wanted to herald its product in an unexpected way and do so with distinction it could do much worse than writing a

How British Brands Are Gamifying Kindness This Christmas

Consumers at Christmastime essentially want two things: to consume and to feel good about it. And with an entirely new patch of grey hairs dedicated

How Agencies in Europe Prepared for the Return to Office

2022 will not be a year of immediate normalcy for business. It's unlikely many will return to their operational setup that was in place pre-pandemic,