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Rust-Oleum: Easy/Tough

Video of Easy/Tough Source link

This Campaign Rallies Fans Behind Refugee Athletes Competing in the Olympics

As the 2020 Olympic Games kick off in Tokyo today, Eurosport and Discovery+ are rallying fans behind the athletes who have no home crowd: a

British Army Begins Female Recruitment Campaign Months After #MeToo Inquiry

As the British military faces its own #MeToo moment, the Army has made women the focus of its latest recruitment campaign. Created by Karmarama, the

How Formula 1’s New Livery and Promo Film Heralds a New Era for Racing

Ahead of the new season of Formula 1 beginning at Silverstone in the U.K. on July 18, the cars have been given an overhaul in

How Deep Learning AI Can Transform Challenger Brands Into Cutting-Edge Leaders

Finding and retaining new customers is the lifeblood of any business. A lot of people think that all you need to succeed is a great

Taboola to Pay $800 Million For Connexity

Ad tech's maturation has been signaled by the rapid rate of public listings from companies in the space with some of them starting to put

Invest Komfort: Creating space and time

Invest Komfort, a developer who has been implementing premium housing investments in Poland for over 25 years, has created an extraordinary image campaign on the

Sonatel: Unmasked Beauty

With no sufficiant medical aids nor vaccinations, we proposed this simple alternative campaign to encourage all tired and angry Senegalaises to refer back to our

MTN: One More Push

Video of One More Push mtn_one_more_push_-_key_image_selects_resized.jpg   Source link

Babel: Full Washing

French consumers have spoken: advertisements must stop making insincere claims about doing good. Instead, forward thinking brands should commit to solid initiatives for sincere and