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Creation your bio and brand story


Our unique approach to creating a brand story is aimed at always leaving an emotional impact with the target audience. We create stories/biographies/product descriptions, etc that will propel you forward to show sustainable growth and add fresh identity giving a competitive advantage.

We’ve worked with numerous corporate companies and individual clients to create and promote unique brand identities that have had meaningful and deep influence. The end goal is to help our clients to become icons in their industries with a story that truly stands out from the competitors.

NB: We don’t write “funny”, “cool” or “hip” brand stories. “Hip factor” and humour is very subjective and also doesn’t work well across a global audience (different cultures view these two aspects very differently) so please do not expect or request “comedy” or “coolness” in your briefs. They get lost in translation!

If you want professional, emotive and cut through brand stories that get clients and customers wanting to buy, then talk to us!