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Crowdfunding campaign pitch


With well over 15 years working in the world of marketing, communication and public relations, and with an extensive and publicly recognized work in the field of crowdfunding strategy, communication and public relations, We are offering you here the professional crowdfunding pitch writing service that your crowdfunding project needs, which includes:

  • A headline, description, overview and/or short blurb as per the platform’s requirement
  • The text body of the pitch with different sub-headlines to make it more appealing and organized
  • Indications of where to add pictures and gif animations within the pitch to make it more appealing
  • The FAQ Section
  • The Risks & Challenges Section

Don’t take chances—crowdfunding is already challenging and demanding as it is, so make sure that you work with someone who has a proven public work in the world of crowdfunding!

In order to allow us to offer you the best possible experience, We invite you to get in touch with us first so that we can arrange a custom offer that best addresses your needs.

We will write a highly converting crowdfunding pitch for your campaign